Robert Gabris

Sep 22, 2017 - Oct 27, 2017

If you are scared, don't enter the forest!

drawings and interactive installation with glasses and mirrors, work in progress

In my concept I’m using handwritten texts as a pictorial language, to describe my thoughts about the topic ‚abstract forest‘. So this overlayed handwritten sentences build a complex structure, which creates my pictorial presentation of an imaginary forest. These images imitate my notebooks, where I associatively record different terms, sentences, words or sounds and analyze them in the process of writing.

Drawing 1 - "If you are scared, don’t enter the forest"

is the first interpretation of educational methods or measures by which an automatically unsafe and poor future of a Romachild in Slovakia is provided with a pointer finger. For me, this warning was a a forest of phobia and eerie darkness. I would like to discuss the patriotic contextualisation of different speech forms in Slovakia and at the same time to question how differently they have shaped my childhood, education and training.

Drawing 2 - "We woun’t come out! You have to come in. We are waiting here. If you need something, you have to come in!"

Is a quote from a survivor of Auschwitz who recalls the day when the Romacamp was to be eradicated. I am thrilled by this almost fabulous sentence because it is actually the simplest and most effective solution to the Rome problematics in Slovakia. My written rainbow becomes a gate that invites everyone to look into the world of the Roma and actively participate in positive solutions.

Drawing 3 - "Forest of flies"

is a drawing showing the order and understanding of the Roma togetherness. For me, these orders are symbolized with flies, which fly forever free and constantly, though trying to keep them from flying. Who can actually condemn a fly for flying free?

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