staff from left to right: Timea Junghaus, Anna Szász, Viktória Nagy, Dóra Paulik, Gyula Galyas, Veronka Vaspál, Tibor Balogh, Andrea Pócsik
Tibor Balogh, artist
Gyula Galyas, filmmaker
Lívia Marschall, cultural anthropologist
Árpád Bak, cultural researcher 
Júlia Baki, assistant curator
Ágota Szilágyi-K, assistant curator

She is an MA student of arts and design management at MOME Budapest, with a BA in design at the Arts and Design University of Cluj, Romania. Besides cultural management, she is interested in critical design theories and the possibilities of practice.

Diana Bencze, curatorial intern
Anna Fejős, curatorial intern
Nanna Dahler, curatorial intern

She has been a part of the Gallery team since September this year. She is an undergraduate student of social anthropology from the University of Copenhagen. Her interests in the field of anthropology are ethnicity, gender and political anthropology. In Copenhagen she has been engaged in queerfeminist cultural projects and activism. She is currently assisting in a research project about Roma resistannce.


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