The Romani Elders

This project honors the Romani Elders who spent a lifetime in Roma activism and aims to ensure that their achievements will never be neglected or forgotten as well as their wisdom will be re-invested in our societies. Gallery8 Archives the materials, research, books and documentation about The Romani Elders -initiative. 

Gallery8 archives the research materials, videos, books, and documentation about the Romani Elders and their initiatives.

Roma HipHop Archive

It is now 30 years since its entrance onto the urban landscape and Hiphop continues to be supported, protected and scrutinized by Roma. This is exactly the reason why this initiative aims to present the history of Roma hip-hop in Central and eastern Europe and to point out how after the 1980's Roma literature has taken over the popular genres and as a result Roma hip-hop became the main arena for the fight for equality, for Roma confidence and positive self image.

Art Collection, Media Archive

The European Roma Cultural Foundation – ERCF has a contemporary art collection, mainly the works of Roma artists mainly from the CEE Region. It is a primary objective for ERCF to accumulate and disseminate information about Roma artists, Roma cultural and artistic projects, events and organizations across Europe.


Artist-in-residence program

Gallery8 is seeking Polish, Czech and Slovakian contemporary artists to partner for a visual art residency program; in partnership with Visegrad Fund and ACAX.

The residencies are three months in duration, taking place in Budapest. The artist shall be interested in social issues and shall have experience or desire to engage in the research of the Roma situation.

Find more information here, or contact us.

Research library

Our collection is an exceptional selection of literature in the field of roma art and culture as well as critical theories (most importantly postcolonial theory): Gallery8_bibliography.

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