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Sep 27, 2017

Robert Gabris

Sep 22, 2017 - Nov 30, 2017


Opening: September 22, Friday, 19:00

Opening speech: Timea Junghaus 

1,60 x 11 m, interactive installation of 9 drawings with colored pencil on paper and ​one 50 x 50 cm drawing, colored pencil on paper

Vienna / Övik / Budapest 2017

My sewing room is an abstract place where ​no one else can enter, as​ it exists only in my​ mind. Anyone who wants to learn more can see fragments and images of this room at my exhibition. What happens inside is translated to the outside through​ the ​graphic narrative and metaphors​

So, come in​, ​welcome to my room. 

This room is a retreat, where I escape if I‘m not well, I want to be alone and want to spend time with my thoughts. This state ​offers the total solitude and emptiness that is necessary for me. Here I re-a​ct the past and construct the future. 

At certain moments, my room becomes an urgent, acute retreat, which is interpreted in my drawings. I portrayed myself asexually​ in the center of large-scale drawings. I‘ve drawn my face a second time into a mirror, above the sink where ​clear water comes from​. I wear make up with a female touch. 

I have drawn myself without genitals to see how it would be without gender norms and roles. How would society look at me and how far would this affect my life being viewed differently? 

I use time and space here to be alone in order to be compatible with this world. ​

Robert Gabris is the artist in residence of Gallery and Visegrad Fund. Find his webpage and cv here. 

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