Gallery8 2013-2015 Book Launch

Dec 10, 2015

 The Gallery8 catalogue is at last a reality!
On December 16, 2015. At 5. p.m.
Tibor Balogh, contemporary artist,
László Beke, art historian
Csaba Nemes, contemporary artist
and Tímea Junghaus, art historian
discuss their favorite chapters.

At the launching event we would like to acknowledge the work of the many people who have made the exhibitions, events and this publication possible.The modest space of Gallery8 never hampered the commitment and professionalism of the curators, artists, cultural workers and other experts working here, and our projects were realized with the same in-depth research, scholarly rigor, curatorial and artistic responsibility and creative ambition as if all this took place in a state-of the art Roma Contemporary Art Centre. This could only happen with the generous support that Gallery8’s projects received from the International Visegrád Fund and the Norwegian Civil Fund. The support of our exhibition projects by these two international donor organizations kept us independent, and preserved our ability to remain critical, authentic and credible in the turmoil of Hungary’s problematic cultural politics.
This catalogue is a collective effort of the enthusiastic and tireless Gallery8 staff. We are particularly grateful to the editorial team, Ágota Szilágyi K., Júlia Baki, Diana Bencze, Anna Fejős and Nanna Dahler, for their invaluable contribution as they edited this publication and watched over our common vision of making the first three years of Gallery8 a period of historical significance. This could only be possible with the precise and professional contribution of Árpád Mihály, the translator and English editor of the texts.
We would also like to thank the authors and contributors for their valuable scholarship and insights. We are deeply grateful to the artists and curators working in Gallery8 in the past three years, for enriching our lives with their art, and for their supportive and kind assistance in completing this book. Collaborating with all of you has been a true privilege. Finally, but most importantly we offer this publication amicable to the Gallery8 audience.
The book of 272 pages, consisting all the exhibitions and critical reviews by Suzana Milevska, Grada Kilomba, Camilo Antonio, Angéla Kóczé and the Gallery8 Board, will be a free gift to all participants of the launching event, who request their free copy by December 15, 2015 midnight at the email address. (The price of the publication will otherwise be 5500 HUF. )

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